35th Anniversary

Help Us Grow our Family Tree

Camp Trillium is more than buildings. It surpasses being just a place. Camp Trillium is a community and a Family, and our Family Tree is ever growing!

We are celebrating 35 years of our Camp Trillium Family in 2019. Over 35 years our family has grown from 28 campers in London, ON, and a donation from the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs, to a Family Tree of thousands, even hundreds of thousands! 

A Family that Camps Together, Stays together!

Our Camp Trillium Family Tree has grown from a small seedling of a project, to a beautiful tree that draws its strength from its deep roots to the very tips of its canopy.

Help Us Grow the Camp Trillium Family Tree

Help us grow our family tree!

Help Us Grow the Camp Trillium Family Tree by having or planting a tree at Rainbow Lake!  Your tree will grow roots and will be the future shade for campers to sit under and build lifelong friendships.  Be a part of our family forever!

You can spend $35 for a white pine or cedar tree and either come and plant your tree yourself at our Pancake Breakfast & Fishing Derby in April or have it planted for you at Rainbow Lake. 

Plant a tree for:  yourself, your child, family, a group, a lost family member, a cause or to help the environment

Regardless of who or what you have your tree planted for it WILL help grow Camp Trillium’s Future!

With every $35 donation:

If you would like to have a tree planted at Rainbow Lake, please contact Kelley Scadding, Rainbow Lake Director.

Thank you to Long Point Region Conservation Authority for the donation of our tree seedlings

 35th Anniversary Events