Family Camp #1 in the Books

Published on July 3, 2011

Wow that was fast! It seems that as soon as the families arrived they packed up and went home again. Family Camp #1 was an amazing success. The weather was fantastic and the programs were second to none. It was hard to beleive that for many of the counselors this was their very first Camp Trillium program. The quality of the camp fires and evening programs were that of seasoned veterans. A big “Ahhhhhhh Good Job” to the whole staff team. Keep up the good work. The only down note was that we had to cancel the Dunes on Wednesday due to high winds. However, we rescheduled for the next day and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. Make sure you give our Podcast from Family Camp #1 a listen for more details on the week that was.

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On July 17, 2011, 7:47 pm, Roisin Smith wrote:

Our family enjoyed every minute at camp1 Owen and Celeste will never be the same. I can see Celeste as a special friend one day. Her special friend Patty gave Celeste a boost when she needed it the most. Poor Aaron running after Owen so we could have a break was amazing! We loved everyone and hope to be able to return again.
The Smith family