Time Flys When You’re Having Fun

Published on July 8, 2011

WOW! What a Week! I’m not sure if I’ve ever expereienced a week like this before. The energy around camp was nothing short of contageous. We had a bunch of new families and a handful of old timers. At one point Dan and I were saying to each other how cool it was that we could see many of these new families coming back year after year and eventually becoming the old timers. I know a bit sappy for us office guys. But it’s true. There were so many young kids here this week that may never remember childhood without Camp Trillium…..to me that’s pretty cool. If you really want to hear about the impact of camp, listen to this week’s podcast where we talked with 3 former campers (over 30 years combined between the 3 of them) who are now staff members. Here is this week’s Group Shot.

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On July 13, 2011, 11:12 am, Gillian Peters MacIntosh wrote:

My girls childhood is about Camp Trillium and not about why or how they got to be campers. Family camp is my most cherished week of the year, it’s spent with incredible special friends and staff in the most relaxed, beautiful, inclusive and happy environment around:) not to mention the best sunsets in the world, not just for the view but add the goodnight song to it and it’s absolute magic.
We hope to continue to be in this group shot for many more years. The girls are at res camp right now, after last weeks family camp I have said that if my girls grow up to be like their ‘special friends’ then I will be proud, an awesome group. Thanks for shaping their lives in the most positive and loving ways year after year:) Gillian Peters of the MacIntosh Family:)