Eastern was Great!

Published on July 25, 2011

We had a terrific time this week with the campers from Eastern Ontario. It was a crazy hot week….I mean H….O…..T….HOT! For most of the week the temperature was low to mid 30s plus the humidity and the humidity was so high I could have done my laundry in the air. But we can deal with the heat. That just means more fun times in the water and taking a little extra rest here and there. A couple times a storm rolled through and we thinking it might take the humidity with it. The humidity stayed but we got an amazing storm at one point. The storm rolled in around the end of super and I’m telling you it rolled in! The rain was coming down sideways for like 10 solid minutes…it was crazy. This week did produce the most entertaining Talent Show (start to finish) that I have ever seen. I can’t count the number of times people were rolling on their backs laughing. Anyway for the rest of the week in reveiw listen to Episode #6 of the podcast. Below is the group shot from this past session.