Great New Program……Arcade

Published on June 26, 2012

Tonight we may have seen one of the greatest new original programs in a long time…….Arcade. It was fun, interactive and just flat out gnarly! That was an 80’s arcade reference.

We turned 4 old arcade games into cabin wide field games. There was: Donkey Kong, where campers took rolled up sleeping foam from outtrip and tried to knock over as many pylons as possible; Mario PVC, where the cabin had to get as many pieces of tube to connect and carry a marble from end to end; Tetris, where campers had to assemble a giant cube from oddly assembled milk cartons; and Pac-man, where there was a maze made out of hockey sticks and campers have to maneuver through the maze to collect frizbees in the fastest time without running into coloured monsters. You may have need to be there to get it but many thought it was pretty cool. If I can find some video or pics they will be up. Podcast in 2 days!