1. Spotlight on 2013

    The inaugural Team Up Challenge is held!

    With the MLSE Foundation, we hosted the Team Up Challenge, a unique all-day sports competition held at BMO Field! We also had MLSE staff and event supporters visit Rainbow Lake and try out some of our camp activities. (more…)

  2. Spotlight on 2012

    The year of Annaleise Carr!

    The “Lady of the Lake” Annaleise Carr became the youngest person to swim Lake Ontario raising money for Camp Trillium – over $200,000 in one year! The first “Spirit of Trillium” Award was handed to Dr. Luke, who was the past Chair of the Board for 18 years. (more…)

  3. Spotlight on 2011

    Coast to Coast Against Cancer becomes our largest supporter!

    In their 8th year, Tour For Kids makes its largest annual donation to Camp Trillium of any organization or event in our history, to help us send over 800 campers and 100 parents!

  4. Spotlight on 2010

    The year of the Music Project!

    During the year 12 teens interested in music and song writing gathered in Toronto to take part in the “Music Project”. This monthly program was an outlet to creativity and collaboration while working with talented musicians. (more…)

  5. Spotlight on 2009

    Two new facilities at Rainbow Lake.

    Rainbow Lake saw the construction of the Nature Centre, thanks to the local Masons. An ice rink was built at Rainbow Lake thanks to the Rink of Dreams program. (more…)