1. The Staff are Here!….well most of them

    Yesterday 22 more members of our staff team arrived for the start of Staff Training, that puts us up to 36 staff now on site. Over the next 11 days the staff will program all the campfires, evening programs, kids lounges, parents lounges, theme welcomes, talent shows and theme meals for the entire summer. As well they will get all the needed information in skills needed to be a great camp counselor this summer. We also will get all the Skill areas up and running, of course taking a moment to try them out. We still have a few more staff left to come. Stay tuned for more updates and be ready for Episode #3 of our podcast series coming after the Staff Outtrip.

  2. Training Part I

    On Monday 6 members of our Senior Staff Team arrived to begin preparations for the summer. Currently everyone is hard at work doing everything from site maintenance to planning Staff Training. Just 5 more days until the majority of the staff team join us. The excitement builds!