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Ride With Us

On Monday a collection of “Odd Fellows” completed their 3 day journey from Dundas, ON to OuR Island…..on bicycles!

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Today I did an interview over Skype with Marci Shea-Perry (Executive Director, Camp Trillium) and Fiona Fisher (Fundraising Director, Camp Trillium). Our topic of discussion was “Septembering”. What is Septembering? Listen to the interview to find out. Episode #7: Septembering

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Central What?!…….Central Ontario Silly

We are back in action here at OuR Island with another residential camp in full swing. We currently have 81 campers and 16 questers from Central Ontario (Hamilton/Toronto) here to enjoy the next 11 days. We just wrapped up Free For Alls for today which included the following activities: Slip n Slide, Bracelet Making, Yoga, […]

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Eastern was Great!

We had a terrific time this week with the campers from Eastern Ontario. It was a crazy hot week….I mean H….O…..T….HOT! For most of the week the temperature was low to mid 30s plus the humidity and the humidity was so high I could have done my laundry in the air. But we can deal […]

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No Parent’s Allowed!

Residential Camp is here! On Monday 84 campers from the Kingston/Ottawa areas arrived at camp for 11 Days of high speed excitement. Did I mention there are no parents this week. Well there aren’t ….just kids and bigger kids, unless you count Dan. We are currently on our second full day of camp. 4 groups […]

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Time Flys When You’re Having Fun

WOW! What a Week! I’m not sure if I’ve ever expereienced a week like this before. The energy around camp was nothing short of contageous. We had a bunch of new families and a handful of old timers. At one point Dan and I were saying to each other how cool it was that we […]

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