Coming to Camp

Coming to Camp as a Parent

Even if you never went to camp as a kid OR even If you don’t think you are the campy kind of person, camp can still offer you magical memories that will absolutely last a life-time! Camp is a chance for you and your family to relax, reconnect and rejuvenate. At camp your family has a chance to spend as much time together or take a break from the outside world as you each of you choose. Often parents over look coming to camp make the assumption that camp is for kids, this notion has changed. Parents get a chance to come out to camp during family camps. It is a chance to socialize with other parents without all the explanations of having a child with cancer, a chance to rest and relax, a chance to kick back and read a book, a chance to go crazy and challenge yourself with new activities and be a kid again!

We recognize that being a parent/caregiver of a child with cancer is unbelievably difficult and we want to offer you the benefits that can come from camp. All the activities are optional, so you can jump in or just take some time for yourself. Special Friends or counselors are matched up with families to help maximize their camp experience. Special Friends can help supervise your children, take them to the different activities, babysit them at night time or just check in on your family. Your time at camp is in your hands and can be enjoyed many different ways. So give your Camp Director a call with any questions or concerns at any time, we want you to feel safe, excited and eager to see what all the commotion is about camp!

Sending your Kids to Camp

The safety of your children and your family is our number one priority. All programs and facilities follow strict safety standards, including the accreditation standards of the Ontario Camps Association (OCA), and the guidelines from the Children’s Oncology Camping Association International (COCA-I).

At camp your children are matched up with Special Friends too. There is a sheet at the back of the Health Form that we ask the campers and parents to fill out that helps us find the best match possible for your child(ren) so please take the time to provide us with as much insight as possible or call us.

How We Care for our Campers

What makes us different from other camps is that our programs are tailored to the unique needs of children with cancer, even if they are still on treatment. We strive to accommodate everyone who comes out to camp, regardless of ability. We encourage you to contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns.

Our Nursing Director is a pediatric oncology nurse, and supervises a team of nurses for all the overnight programs. As well, a pediatric oncologist is available on call in case of emergency. Each day, we have a nurse present at all times. Nurses are responsible for storing and dispensing campers’ medication, and taking care of any injuries or illnesses that may occur. If a camper requires cancer treatment while at camp, it can be arranged with the nearest clinic to the site.

Camp Traditions

What to Bring to Camp

This is just a sample packing list. When you sign up for camp, you will receive a more detailed list, depending on which programs you will be attending.

Don’t Leave Home Without (per person):

Optional Items:

Do Not Bring:

Note: There is no internet access, and limited mobile phone reception for parents. Pay phones are available for parents at Family Camp. No mobile phones are permitted during overnight camp.