Family Camp

Open to: entire immediate family unit (newborns, kids to age 17, and parents/caregivers)
Seasons: Summer, Fall & Spring
Location: OuR Island & Rainbow Lake
Length: 5 days, 4 nights in Summer; 3 days, 2 nights in Spring & Fall
Transportation Available: No

Family camps are a unique program that allows the family to come and enjoy a camp experience together. Much like our residential camp, family camp gives kids and parents a chance to meet new friends, try new things, reconnect and walk away with memories for a lifetime.  Families have the option to join in as much or as little as they choose.  There are activities for all ages including opportunities for parents to socialize and join in too!  The afternoons at family camp are wide open for the family to choose what they would like to do.  All activity areas, including swimming, archery, fishing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, arts and crafts, high and low ropes, camping and more are left open for families to enjoy with our Staff to assist.

Each family is matched up with 1 or more “Special Friends” depending on the need and number of children.


Kids Camp

Open to: Patients and siblings ages 8 – 15
Season: Summer & Winter
Location: OuR Island & Rainbow Lake
Length: 11 days, 10 nights at OuR Island; 7 days, 6 nights at Rainbow Lake
Transportation Available: From select cities

Formerly known as Residential Camp, Kids Kamp is an experience of a lifetime!  A chance to meet new friends, experience new things, grow independently and walk away with unforgettable memories. All campers are carefully matched up with Special Friends.  Every camper fills out a “Special Friend” information sheet on the back of the health form to help our Directors find the best match for them according to their interests, needs and personality.

During the session the campers are divided into groups by age.  Within these groups the campers grow, support and challenge each other.  The group learns how to support their peers and build their individual skills within a positive group dynamic.

Leadership In Training

Ages: 14-16
Season: Summer
Location: OuR Island
Length: 7 days, 6 nights
Transportation Available: From select cities

The L.I.T. Camp is a seven-day program that focuses on leadership skills, group dynamics, wilderness experience (including a four-night canoe trip), and first aid training. This program is only offered at OuR Island.

This program is not available for participants in the Quest program.

Quest Program

Ages: 16 or older by December 31st
Season: Summer
Location: OuR Island and Rainbow Lake
Length: 11 days at OuR Island, or 7 Days at Rainbow Lake
Transportation Available: From select cities

The Quest Program consists of fun & educational workshops on working with children, teaching camp activities and developing leadership capabilities. Quest participants will be working with campers and will be expected to be mature and responsible.

To register for Quest, please fill out our summer registration/medical form along with a Quest application and return it to the office by the registration deadline. Late registrations will be accepted if there is still room in the program. Those registering for Quest are not eligible for either L.I.T. or Residential camps.

Each Quest applicant will have a phone conversation with the Quest Director before the summer to ensure they understand the Quest program.

Intern Program

Ages: 17 or older by December 31st
Season: Summer
Location: OuR Island and Rainbow Lake
Length: 1 Week plus the possibility of interning at future camp sessions
Transportation Available: From select cities

The summer Intern program consists of one week of fun and exhilarating training at Rainbow Lake or OuR Island. A series of supported apprenticeships as both a group leader and activity head conclude the training.You will experience the behind-the-scenes action of camp – everything from the inner workings of the kitchen to programming a campfire.

After the week of training it is possible to return, as an intern, for camp sessions at OuR Island and/or Rainbow Lake. As interns, they will have similar responsibilities as a Camp Trillium Volunteer and will receive ongoing support from the Intern Directors. They will be matched with camper special friends and assist in all aspects of camp life. Intern participants will arrange their interning schedule with the Quest Directors after the successful completion of the Intern training.

To apply for the Intern program please contact the office in January to set up an interview and to receive an application. Because Interns will be in a position of trust with campers, all applicants will have an interview to determine if they are a good match for the Intern program. In addition, you will need to fill out a summer registration/medical form and return it to the office by the summer deadline. Late registrations will be accepted if there is still room in the program.

Teen Weekend

Ages: 14 – 16
Season: March Break & Fall
Location: OuR Island
Length: 3 days, 2 nights
Transportation Available: From select cities

Teen Weekends are for campers 14-16 years old. This includes campers who participated the Quest Program this past summer, but not the Intern Program. This is a recreational fun filled weekend, where the teens have more opportunity to plan the activities of the weekend. Weekends start Friday evenings and end after lunch on Sundays. Transportation is available from select cities.

Clinic Programs

The goal of our community outreach programs is to reach children with cancer by providing them and their families with fun and enriching recreational opportunities. Camp Trillium achieves this vision by providing outstanding year-round camp and recreational experiences to promote the healing process in a safe family-inclusive environment.

As a way of bringing the fun and excitement of camp to children who are unable to attend our recreational programs, we provide weekly programming to patients at in-patient and out-patient facilities, where our volunteers can play, support and engage patients while they are waiting for, or undergoing medical treatment and procedures.

Currently, Camp Trillium is partnered with McMaster Children’s Hospital, providing camp programming to children and their families within the hospital. Camp Trillium provides programs Wednesday through Friday on the 3Y ward for children and families who are admitted to the hospital. Camp Trillium also supports programs within the 3F clinic, providing opportunities for crafts and play for children while receiving treatment.

Important Facts About Camp
  • Health care is provided by a team of nurses and health care assistants for each session, and is on duty at all times, including outtrips. Both OuR Island and Rainbow Lake are 15 minutes away from an emergency department, and 1 hour away from a pediatric oncology center.
  • All Camp Trillium programs are peanut-free – we do not allow any peanut butter or any nut products.
  • Siblings of cancer patients are eligible to come to all of our programs, even if the patient is not able to attend. Our programs are also open to families of patients who have passed away.
  • Programs are split into four seasons year-round. Families are not excluded from attending camps in any season after attending a similar program in a previous season.