Staff Positions

StaffCamp Trillium has grown to include our summer camp programs, clinic and community programs, year round weekend camps and a March break teen conference. With all of these programs running all year long, we look to employ staff full-time in the summer and on contracts for the year round programs. To be a paid contract staff you have to have worked a full summer at Rainbow Lake, OuR Island or Day Camp.

Each site needs to hire 20 lifeguard certified counselors, so obtaining your NLS qualification is vastly beneficial and will open up more employment opportunities. We hire approximately 40-50 new staff each year between all 3 summer programs (this number depends on the number of returning staff each year).

Other qualifications include:

Staff Positions

The list below includes all positions hired for each summer, though some may be filled by returning staff. You do not need to apply for a specific position or site but you can give your preference during your interview. (All water related areas must have a current NLS certification).

Activity Instructors: Swimming, Canoeing/Kayaking, Sailing, Drama, Arts and Crafts, Fishing/Archery, Outtripping, Project Wilderness, High/Low Ropes

Others: Group Leader, Camp Office Administrator, Kitchen staff, Boat Driver

Senior Staff: Waterfront Director, Ropes Coordinator, Quest Director, Land Director, Cabin Head, Asst. Waterfront Director, Asst. Quest Director, Cabin Coordinator

We hire approximately 10 group leaders per site and 1-3 activity instructors for each area.

Accommodations and Time Commitment

Staff need to commit to the entire summer and live on site during sessions. We offer both short and long contract. The short contract is from the end of June to the end of August and the Long Contract is from mid June to the end of August. We also have senior staff positions that begins at the beginning of June, however, most senior staff positions are offered to individuals who have prior experience with Camp Trillium.

Staff are provided room and board during their contract. Staff work for a maximum of 11 days and get 3-4 days off in between each session. Please see the camp dates page to get an idea of what your schedule may look like over the summer. Add two weeks of paid staff training to each summer schedule.


Camp Trillium has a competitive camp salary. Starting positions begin at $300/week and all staff with a current NLS or Ropes certification will received a $200 bonus for the summer season. Staff are paid by automatic deposit on a semi-monthly basis. Room and board is included with your salary.

How to Apply

  1. Complete and send us the appropriate form, found on this page. Applications must be submitted by February 27th so we can begin conducting interviews. However, we may still accept applications after this date until all positions are filled. Please call our main office if you have questions about positions available.
  2. After completing your application, send us a copy of your resume, which should outline your qualifications and concrete experience you have to date. Also, you may include an optional “creative something” that gives us more insight into who you are and what you can offer Camp Trillium. It can be a letter, poem, musical melody – Anything goes! You may send these by email to, or mail it to our main office.
  3. You will receive an email from the camp director within 5 days of receiving your application with next steps.

About the Interview

We begin conducting our group-style interviews every February. We travel across the province of Ontario to major cities. (We need at least 10 people in a city to set up an interview). Each group-style interview is for up to 10-20 applicants at a time. The interviews take 3-4 hours and consist of an information session, role plays, games, a camp video and one-on-one interviews. Not all applicants are awarded an interview. If you are invited to an interview you will be contacted by email first then a phone call to confirm a time, date and city option. We strongly recommend that you make every effort to attend a group interview, however for those without viable transportation or are out of province, a phone interview can be arranged.

We run interviews in the following cities, numbers dependent: Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Kingston, Guelph and Kitchener.

Year-round Programming Contracts (returning staff only)

Over the past few years our year-round programs have grown so big that we’ve had to hire contract staff to ensure our programs maintain the highest quality and safety as in the summer. Contract staff need to be returning summer staff. As a contract staff you will get paid for the weekend, but you will need to take on extra duties such as, being a bus monitor, planning program activities, setting up camp and/or cleaning up after.

Programs have a set number of contract staff positions. If you are interested in applying for a contract position for one of the programs just call the office or email your past camp director.