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Spend the most unforgettable summer of your life with us

Camp Trillium provides different camp programs all summer long; to do so, we employ staff full-time in the summer. For these staff, Camp Trillium is more than just a summer job; it provides you with unforgettable experiences that are much more than just a resume booster. This experience allows you to positively impact the lives of children and families who have experienced childhood cancer. What you are left with after a summer working at camp is more than you could ever wish for, you are left with: a box of warm fuzzies, a lifetime worth of laughter, the most epic swim suit tan lines that will last you months, superior dress up skills, moments that melted your heart, and lifelong friendships. Be one of the people that make Camp Trillium the magical place that it is by applying below.

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No One Says it Better than the Staff

Our Campers have faced so much in their day to day lives, and to be able to provide them with an escape (and week full of wacky costumes, campfire songs, games and glitter) is the greatest gift.

Jess R

Working at camp rewards you with memories, friends, new skills and a whole new perspective.


I remember finishing my very first day of staff training and thinking ‘WOW! I can’t believe Camp Trillium is going to be my home for the next three months.’ Little did I know that it would continue to be my home away from home for the next four years and counting!


My favourite part of everyday was the end of campfire, when we would all link arms and sing the goodnight song. We would sway left and right and together sing the chorus- may you dream of love, peace and hope, and may all of your dreams come true.


You get to see campers grow and challenge themselves, and leave at the end of the week with an all new understanding of what they can do, who they are, and who they want to be.

Jess S

Camp Trillium is an equal opportunity employer committed to an inclusive recruitment process.

Camp Trillium is committed to provide equitable treatment of all with respect to diversity and accommodation without discrimination.

We welcome applications from all people including those with disabilities. Accommodations are available upon request during any aspect of the selection process. If you require assistance or support related to accessibility, or would like a copy of Camp Trillium’s Accessibility policies, please contact (905) 527-1992, or by email at