OuR Nursing Team

Keeping our campers healthy and happy is the most important part of camp

A huge part of what nurses do at camp, is to help foster a camp environment that strives to make the effects of cancer “normal” so that all campers are recognized as kids first and are encouraged and supported to do the things that kids do.

The “Body Shop” is the health care facility at camp. This is where nurses are available twenty-four hours a day and provide health care to campers, staff and volunteers. Day Camp nurses carry a portable “Body Shop”, a toolkit of assessment and treatment supplies. All campers, including parent campers, staff and volunteers are required to have a completed health record on site.

At our overnight camp sites a team of 3-5 registered nurses work at each session. A charge nurse facilitates the operation of the Body Shop. As well there may be a health care assistant on each team, who is typically a nursing student entering his/her final year. There is generally a core summer nursing team that is added to, as sessions require.

We do not routinely staff doctors on site. A physician in the surrounding community as well as a pediatric oncologist from the closest regional cancer centre is available to nurses for consultation. For Day Camp, the nurse and camp director will have the nearest hospital to the park mapped out in case of any medical emergency.

What will I be expected to do as a Nurse at Camp?

Besides meeting some terrific kids and having lots of fun, here are some of the things you may be expected to do.

  1. Daily distribution of personal medications, including oral chemotherapy.
  2. Assessment and treatments of common ailments like colds, flu and homesick tummies!
  3. Administration of over-the-counter medications.
  4. First aid treatment of minor accidents and injuries and responding to major emergencies. Mock emergencies are practiced each session.
  5. Documentation and record keeping.
  6. Accompanying campers on overnight and off-site programs like canoe trips, swimming at the sand dunes and riding buses to and from camp.
  7. Sharing in the “on-call” rotations at night. (overnight camps only)
  8. Additional nursing skills like flushing central lines, dressing changes and venipunctures by nurses currently certified in a medical institution.
  9. Monitoring the health and wellness of all campers, staff and volunteers. (prevention and early detection of illness)
  10. Promotion of healthy living to prevent illness and spread of communicable diseases during staff training and daily.
  11. Camp community living activities like cleaning, laundry, and inventory, tidy cabin inspections and maybe singing a song at the campfire! Day Camp Nurses can expect to participate in all activities in the capacity of a counselor for the most part.

Positions Available

What oncology issues should a Nurse at Camp be familiar with?

What every Day Health issues should a Nurse at Camp be familiar with?

How much orientation will I receive?

Full summer nurses will come to camp for staff training prior to the start of the summer. Time will be spent with the camp staff learning about our philosophy, our programs and our emergency procedures. The rest of the time will be spent with the Nursing Director and/or Charge Nurse reviewing nursing and camp policies and procedures and organizing the Body Shop.

Nurses who come for specific camp sessions will receive orientation when they arrive. Nurses who are new to camp will participate in our volunteer training session the day before camp begins.

What resources will be available to me at Camp?

In addition to your staff manual that you will be mailed once you have returned your contract package, you will have access to Camp Trillium’s Nursing Policy and Procedures manual, our chemotherapy drug manual, and a variety of resource books (first aid, Merck manual, CPS, Canadian Cancer Society publications). There is Internet access for medical references at both sites, emergency phone numbers, clinic contact numbers and you can contact the Nursing Director anytime.

Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium is an equal opportunity employer committed to an inclusive recruitment process, committed to providing equitable treatment of all with respect to diversity and accommodation without discrimination.

We welcome applications from all people including those with disabilities. Accommodations are available upon request during any aspect of the selection process. If you require assistance or support related to accessibility, or would like a copy of our Accessibility policies, please contact
(905) 527-1992, or by email at