Video Application – Rainbow Lake


  • Video Instructions:

    1. Film your video. Somewhere quiet.
    2. You can use your phone or a camera
    3. Preview your video before uploading to ensure your message is clear of background sound.
    4. Upload your video onto YouTube. Be sure to make it private or unlisted if you don't want the public to view it.
    5. Provide the link to your video on the video application above.

    YouTube Video Upload Instructions:
    1. Sign in to YouTube. You will need a YouTube account to upload a video and can be easy by clicking on your gmail account when prompted.
    2. To upload your video, click on the picture of a camera with a plus sign in the middle of it on the top right hand corner
    3. Choose Upload a Video from the drop down
    4. FIll in the required video information. Be certain to change the view from Public to Private or Unlisted to ensure the general public doesn't see your video.
    5. Upload your video
    6. On the left hand side your video link it shown. You can highlight and then left click to copy that link and paste it into your application under Video Link.
  • Are you able to commit fully from June 14 until August 28, 2020?
  • Upload your resume here.
  • Provide a link to your video application here.